Rayne Herzog

Rayne has been a successful Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and health club General Manager for the past 30 years.  His success as a trainer can be attributed to; extensive training knowledge, his overall positive and energetic approach, as well as his ability to motivate. In addition, he can design an individual or group program for fitness and/or recovery. As an established triathlete, Rayne specializes in strength, core, functional, and cardiovascular training for all age groups.  He is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in Spinning, Circuit Training, Total Body Conditioning, and Nordic Walking. Rayne co-founded the original Shelburne Athletic Club in 1998 which he owned until 2009. He is also the owner and Race Director for Racevermont.com. Contact Rayne@lifetrakpersonaltraining.com.