Intro Reformer: This class is designed for those new to Pilates and/or the Pilates equipment. Participants will learn how to set-up and break-down equipment, personalize reformer settings, focus on breathing, body-awareness and the core principles that constitute the Pilates repertoire. In lieu of this class, a student may opt to take a series of three introductory private lessons.

Reformer I:  Reformer I is a level 1 class consisting of a group of fundamental exercises involving strength, flexion, extension, balance and breath.  Focus is in learning the fundamentals of Pilates (this does not necessarily mean EASY). It’s a great place to start if you are new to Pilates, coming back from an injury, or want to refine your technique. Reformer I classes move a bit slower as the client is continually cued on how to execute the movements in a safe and precise manner. Before advancing to the next level we recommend a minimum of 8 level I classes; however, everyone progresses at different rates. To be sure, check with your level 1 instructor.

Reformer II: This class is faster paced and for the more experienced client.  The student will continue to work on the fundamentals of level I while more advanced movements are integrated and developed.  The use of props and the jumping board are used at this level. Focus is on developing deeper core strength and practicing more advanced exercises & technique. This is an ideal class for students who want a good maintenance/cross training program with some good challenges along the way. We recommend 2-3 classes per week. 

Reformer III: For the serious Pilates students or Athletes who need a challenge, this class will build on the first two levels challenging the experienced Pilates student with an advanced and precise set of exercises emphasizing flow, focus, control, strength, stamina and breath. We will focus on quicker transitions through advanced to very advanced movement patterns that require a high level of core strength. A minimum of one year of Pilates training and level 2 instructor approval is required for Reformer III classes.