Mat Pilates is an incredible class which focuses on your core. As the name implies, most of this class is performed on a mat. Some classes also include props such as physio balls, light weights, or squishy balls. Beginners are invited to attend all mat Pilates classes.

Beginner Mat Pilates: If you’re new to Mat Pilates and would prefer to take class with other newbies, this class is for you. No knowledge of, or experience with Pilates is expected. You will learn the basic mat Pilates moves to strengthen your core while also working on other major muscle groups.

Mat Pilates with Props: There is probably no more effective class included in membership to tone your core. Join Lissy in this class for moves on the mat and also on our physio balls for a great overall body workout.

Senior Mat Pilates: Come enjoy an hour of movement designed to re-align your whole body. Based on the Pilates principles of movement, we will address posture, strength and safe movement for the entire body using body-weight, bands, balls, rings, foam rollers and dumbbells. You will challenge yourself in the areas of balance, functional strength, flexibility and core strength. All movements are designed to be safe for those with Osteoperosis or Osteopenia. If you are over 50 this silent disease can affect you unknowingly at any time, so come learn how to reprogram the way you move to be both safer and stronger!